ICFMH Workshop

The ICFMH Workshop on Microbial Food Safety in Selected Asian Countries will be held right after AFSA2018 on 13-16 August 2018 at Angkor Paradise Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

THEME: Improving microbial safety of Asian food products towards local & global markets.

AIMS: The overall aim of the workshop is to improve the microbial safety of Asian food products through identification of microbial hazards in selected food chains and application of internationally accepted methods and standards for preventing foodborne disease and facilitating entry of products to local and global food markets. This will be achieved by addressing the following topics


  1. Identification of microbial hazards in selected Asian food chains
  2. Assistance to Asian laboratories for surveillance of microbial food safety hazards and establishment of sustainable services to food producers in use of state-of-the- art, robust and cost-effective conventional and molecular biology based testing methods for identified microbial hazards.
  3. Introduction to the legal framework relevant for export of food from Asia.
  4. International food safety standards based upon GMP and HACCP principles like ISO 22000, IFS, BRC and similar standards and guidelines.
  5. Laboratory management & microbial analysis of food accredited according to ISO 17025.
  6. Case studies for selected Asian food chains on how to meet regulatory and private food safety requirements for local and global trade.

The workshop does not include laboratory work by the participants. Participants will, however, be expected to make short updated presentations on the status of food safety and food safety management in their respective countries. Participants will also engage in group discussion in the subject areas covered by the lecturers. The candidates should have microbiology background and good English.

PARTICIPANTS: Three to four scientists/experts from each country (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar,  Nepal  and  Vietnam):  two  from  university  or  national  research  institute working  on  food  microbiology  & hygiene,  and  one  or  two  from  the  administrative departments (working on food safety surveillance from Health Department and/or on quality assurance in food production to processing from Agriculture Department).

Dr. Mogens JAKOBSEN, e-mail: moj@food.ku.dk
Dr. Weihuan FANG, e-mail: whfang@zju.edu.cn
Local Hosts:
Dr. Jun Acedo, e-mail: jun@mekonginstitute.org
Dr. Borarin Buntong, e-mail: borarin@yahoo.com